2017 Dave’s Diary

What a Birthday Party, and great so many could make it. After 50 years and we can still put out over 40 bowlers, and on top of that beat the current students. More on that later. To those who didn’t make it, we missed you and hope you can make 2020. The Sheffield Star published a center fold spread on our 50 year history in the Retro (ouch) section. You can view it at The Sheffield Star

Our friends came from all over the world again, Graham and Sandy Brisbane from Australia, Paul (IF) Dransfield and Fiona McDonald came from Canada, Mick and Margaret Hesford from Florida, Jon Brundrett from New York, Marie-Jacqueline Ballagh and myself from France. We had a newcomer too, John Moore, who bowled in the What 4 with me, which was moving. So, as I say every time in my diary, yes we did have something special back in the 60’s and 70’s. The only bad thing this time was the crap crap bowling (yes – 2 craps), but we still managed to beat the students (but only just).

The weekend started in the Broomhill Tavern, as usual, with a great crowd. Dave Horsfall popped in (remember he was in charge of the Athletics council) and got us classified as a sport!!!!!!! He was awarded the MBE, (it was said for Community Service), but it was really for his services to our club.

We had a special event in the afternoon, Fuzz took us round Sheffield in his Red Bus (our old haunts). I was the conductor (with my flat cap and genuine ticket machine from the 40’s).

He tried to go down a very narrow one-way street BUT failed (see picture), and then had to go the wrong way down another one-way street. Things don’t change with us do they.

Roy added a tour of the University in the middle of the bus tour (and of course a wee-wee break).

In the evening 53 folks met at Halifax Hall which we used last time, and we had speeches of special memories by ex-officials – Fuzz, Michael and Margaret and Jim Wise. I thank all of you who provided memories for this special occasion.
We then all met up at Firth Park on the Sunday Morning at 10-00 a.m. As usual we played among ourselves to find the best few to play the students in the afternoon.

There were 41 bowling (and I use the term loosely), as the bowling was to say the least – rubbish. There were only three 500’s (2 of these were Gary and John – NON Sheffield), and ZERO 200’s. Everyone said it was the lanes (haha). Bert the Bus was still in fine form. The Yellow shirts were out again (not all buttoned up again), and looking in very bad shape for some (the shirts that is).

We had a good lunch (thanks to the bowl) and our usual prize giving. Thanks to Bert the Bus we had a special Birthday cake. The results were:

John Strettle (550) and  Ruth Prichard (416) won the High Series.

Alan Metcalf (513) and Margaret Hesford (386) received their Ozz Trophies (thanks to Jane).

Sue Sexton (157) and Dave Sexton (179) won High Games.

Then of course we had the traditional wooden spoons for low series and game:

Low Series – Linda Jordan (she now has a set) and Bert the Bus

Low Game – Jenny Wise and Alan Dale.

The full results are on the sidebar if you want a laugh . . . !

We had more memory speeches from the ex-officers, Chris Braithwaite and Mike O’Rourke, and then a moving moment remembering Bob Keats who had died just before the reunion, but gave us one of his bowling pins. It was presented to Fiona for long term friendship. We all miss him for his humour and happiness.

We then picked our 5 best bowlers (ha ha ha) and played the student teams in the afternoon. We put together a team of 3 Old Sheffield students and a team of 2 Ex-Sheffield Students. It was a very close match which we won on total pins (see results below). The New students had had special shirts made to celebrate the 50th Birthday of the club. I will send details on them (in a separate message later), in case anyone wants to purchase them. The usual liquid prize was presented and we all went home happy.

Sheffield Oldies Sheffield Newbies
A Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Series Student A Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Series
Dave Sexton 136 117 124 377 Shen Pan 143 106 151 400
Dave Rowe 155 157 136 448 Thaqif Jamaluddin 146 184 134 464
Alan Metcalf 187 121 161 469 Wei Yeap Lim 113 128 122 363
Total 478 395 421 1294 Total 402 418 407 1227
B Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Series Student B Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Series
John Strettle 157 176 171 504 Abdullah Al-tamimi 179 175 177 531
Gary barlow 158 190 185 533 Darren Ellis 191 131 202 524
Total 315 366 356 1037 Total 370 306 379 1055
Total Pins: 2331 Total Pins: 2282
Total Points: 4 Total Points: 4
We won on Total PINS


Thanks to John (Whitfield) and Roy (Thurling) who managed all the logistics for the weekend, and made it the success it was.

Finally, many of you saw the souvenir book I put together. I will complete it with the 2017 photos and results and make the corrections. Then share it via internet. Fuzz and I will then work out how to make cheap printed copies for those who want one.

So until next time, in 2020, keep practising (bowling and / or alcohol intake) .

Roy, John and Dave – The Commmittteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee